ECU met kabelboom en schakelaar

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F8 | ECU set:

ECU sets for the electronic control of the LPG system.

Fully programmable by the installer.  

Available in three different ECU sets; F8 up to 8 cylinder engines.

Software functionality of these three is equal.

Wiring loom and fuel selector switch are included per set.


Functional description and specification:

  • Compliant and homologated in accordance with regulation EC R67 and R10.
  • 56 pin SICMA connector.
  • Aluminum housing for max cooling capacities of injector drivers.
  • IP 68 protection class.
  • Some of the many software features:
    • Master-Slave based.
    • Software wise adjustable for many corrections.
    • 2-fuel strategy to avoid valve seat recession.
    • Start/stop quick fuel switch.
    • Emergency start.
    • Optional: system blockage after certain miles/hours for forced servicing.
    • AFS: Automatic Fuel Switch to petrol once the LPG tank gets empty.
    • Auto calibration/manual override.
    • Calibration file protection  with optional password.
    • Extra output for switching on/off LPG system accessories.


Note: Requires the USB adaptor (see M) to connect to your laptop.

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