Fuel Line for LPG

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B: LPG Fuel line set: 

Consists of 2 flexible fuel lines of 7.5 metres each. One fuel line is intended for the supply of fuel to the injectors and the other serves as a return line from the injectors to the tank. Each fuel line has 1 banjo connector crimped onto it. The other end of the fuel line can be cut to the required length after it is fitted to the vehicle.


Functional description and specification:

  • Compliant and homologated in accordance with regulation EC R67.
  • 2x 7,5mtr flexible fuel lines for easy and quick fitment.
  • Supply and return line marked flow direction by means of arrows, like <<<<<<.
  • Pre- mounted with banjo eye barbs.
  • Supplied with 30x clamps and screws for proper fitting.


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