Fuel Module-PTS70 | Cylindrical Tank

Article number: 3117120.2 | HS 2012 84133020 EU
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A: LPG Fuel Module (AC):

Consists of a body with valve arrangement (the so called Multivalve) and fuel pump assembly.

Suitable for a range of 48 mm diameter single hole toroidal and cylindrical type LPG tanks.



  • “ AC “ stands for: Cylindrical type tanks


For these Fuel Modules two flow ranges of the fuel pumps are available:

  • PTS70 for engines 140KW + output


Note: For various tank sizes, various types of the Fuel Modules are available.  

The available types of Fuel Modules are listed in this web shop.

Functional description and specification of the Fuel Modules:

  • Compliant and homologated in accordance with regulation EC R67.
  • Submerged fuel pump and foldable fluid buffer.
  • Outlet 12V fuel supply solenoid valve.
  • Combined 80% fill stop system with fuel level sensor (0-90 ohm)
  • Pressure relief valve. Opens at 27bar tank pressure.
  • Inlet (return line) input M10x1 with NRV ( Non Return Valve ) and pressure sensor
  • Fuel filling connection with M12x1 inlet and serviceable filter element.
  • Protection grade: IP54.
  • Optional with rubber gas tight housing “K” to protect the multivalve and venting from dirt and water.
  • Supplied with three magnetic discs for collecting iron particles inside the tank.
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