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E1 | LPG Injector set:  

The E1 is an injector set that contains 1 LPG injector per packing.  

The injectors are manufactured by Continental and specifically designed for Liquid LPG injection, has a very linear output and are durable. 

Five different flow capacities are available. The flow chart can be used for determining the correct capacity, for example a E28 injector has 28/12=2,33 more flow than a E12.


Functional description and specification:

  • OEM product
  • Compliant and homologated in accordance with regulation EC R67.
  • Linear supply starting from pulse width 1,7msec and higher.
  • Low resistant: 1,25Ω
  • Operating pressure 1-20 bar gauge pressure.
  • Durability more than 150.000 km.
  • Upright (vertical) mounting preferred. (horizontal mounting possible but require longer flushing, for getting rid of vapour bubbles at hot engine starts)
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