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D: Injector Nozzle set:        

The nozzle set contains a brass injection nozzle and all necessary parts for fitting and connecting the fuel lines. The nozzle has two main tasks, the first is to conduct the jet of the injected LPG towards the inlet valves and secondly provide heat for the vaporization of fluid LPG. If one of these are not into place, one will have guaranteed drivability problems!

You can either mount the injectors directly onto the nozzles or mount the injectors remotely, which supply the injected LPG via tubes to the nozzles. The tube length from  injector outlet and nozzle should be as short as possible to ensure optimal response, while injecting fuel. Two possibilities for injector mounting direct onto the nozzle or indirect on a bracket, anything has to do with the available space on the engine converted.



  • Brass nozzle with M10x1 thread for manifold mounting.
  • Max usable tube length is 12cm.  (preferable as short as possible)
  • Necessary o-ring, fittings for fuel lines and injector housing are included.
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