Privacy Policy

Vialle values, that the use of your personal data is in accordance with the acceptable guarantees, protecting your privacy. In order to receive permission to personal log in pages on this website or to request information it is essential to provide us with your data, for an optimal service. By giving us your personal data, you automatically agree with our privacy policy. We therefore advise you to read the following carefully.

Vialle uses a strict privacy policy for the collection of data via this website, in accordance with the Dutch Legislation. Our website may use hyper links to pages that exceed our control. Vialle is not liable for the privacy policies of such external sites.

What does Vialle do with your data?  
Your data are used to identify you and to allow entry to your personal pages of our website, to apply the information even better to your specific interest and to maintain direct contact with you. Vialle only uses the needed data. We will take care of the fact, that every use is limited to the data, needed for specific purposes, like marketing actions or prevention of fraud. Of course every use will be in accordance with Dutch legislation and will be dealt with in a careful way.

Registration and use of your data
In order to recognize you visiting our website, Vialle uses cookies. These are files, that will be sent to the browser of the visitor and will be stored on the visitors computer. Furthermore we use cookies to collect data concerning profiles of visitors on our website. Our website program is designed is a way, that cookies cannot be used for other purposes. All data received in this way will be used in an anonymous way. 

Change of your data
We would like to draw your attention to the fact, you may write us a message in case you would like us to change your data or would not like to be approached with information about our services and products.
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